150 CNG car sales in Navratri in Agra, more than 2000 e-bikes sold, waiting for e-bike for the first time | 50% CNG in cars being booked, electric scooter sales up 3 times; 2 months waiting

Agra:23 minutes ago

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Now there is a waiting period of 2 to 3 months for e-bikes.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Now there is a waiting period of 2 to 3 months for e-bikes.

Due to the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel, the sales of CNG cars and electric scooters have doubled. In many metropolitan cities of Uttar Pradesh including Agra, this time on Navratri, people have shown interest in buying CNG cars. The e-bike showroom was also crowded. Alam is that now there is a waiting period of 2 to 3 months for e-bikes.

Demand increased in many metros of UP
Talking about two months ago, an average of 50 CNG cars were sold in Agra in a month. But, from September 15 till now, this figure has reached about 150. Alam is that waiting for two to four months for CNG car is coming. In Navratri, CNG cars of Hyundai, Maruti and Tata were booked for Diwali.

There is no stock of CNG car in the showroom. Mayank Bansal, founder of the Automobile Dealers Association, said that the demand for CNG cars has increased rapidly in Agra. Talking about three months back, Agra had an average sale of 50 CNG cars. But suddenly the demand for CNG cars has more than doubled in the last one month. In Navratri itself, around 150 CNG cars have been booked in Agra. There are many cars which have a waiting period of three to four months.

He said that the biggest reason for the increase in the demand for CNG cars is the rise in the price of petrol. There is still a difference of up to Rs 35 in the price of petrol and CNG. In such a situation, people who have to use daily car, they are converting towards CNG. Similarly, Shalabh Aggarwal, operator of Samudra Hyundai showroom in Meerut, said that 207 cars have been booked on Dussehra, in which 100 cars are CNG.

Customers looking at e-bikes in the showroom.

Customers looking at e-bikes in the showroom.

Even waiting for e-bike
With CNG cars, the demand for e-bikes has increased tremendously. There are 30 E-Bike showrooms in Agra. Alam is that most of the showrooms do not have stock of e-bikes. Prashant of Suman Automobiles on the highway said that the sale of e-bikes has suddenly increased in the last one and a half months.

In the first one month, there was an average sale of 30 e-bikes, but in the last month this figure has reached 80. Stock is not available. If there is a demand of 100, then the company is giving 30 or 40 e-bikes. In such a situation, customers have to wait for a week to get the model of their choice.

Similarly, Maruti Estate-based e-bike operator Bhoj Kumar said that due to the increase in the price of petrol, people have increased the trend towards e-bikes. Especially the employed people. He said that in a month, about two thousand e-bikes are expected to be sold in the city, which was earlier 500. People are already booking for Diwali.

About two thousand e-bikes are estimated to be sold in the city in a month, which was earlier 500.

About two thousand e-bikes are estimated to be sold in the city in a month, which was earlier 500.

E-bike travel is cheap
Dealer Bhoj Kumar Sharma told that while petrol is Rs 100, the journey of e-bike is Rs 10 to 15. He said that on a single charge, about two units are spent and the e-bike travels 40 km. In such a situation, e-bikes are getting much cheaper than bikes and scooty. He told that now companies have also launched bikes that can run at a speed of 60 kmph.

If sales increase, then prices increase
Due to the increase in demand for e-bikes, companies have increased the price. A dealer told that the e-bike which was worth 44 thousand three months ago has now become 50 thousand. Companies have increased about five to six thousand rupees on each model.

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