agra crime news agra police arrested ganja taskar truck diver | Agra News: Ganja worth one crore recovered in Agra, truck driver absconding by dodging police

Agra Crime News: Before the glitz of the festivals, there was going to be a huge delivery of narcotic ganja in Agra. When the police came to know, the matter got busted. When the Malpura police stopped the truck during checking, the truck driver broke the barrier and fled. The police chased and laid siege to the truck. Seeing himself surrounded, the truck driver left the truck and fled from the spot by way of the field. When the police searched the truck, the policemen were blown away. Black soil was kept on top of the truck and a huge consignment of ganja was kept at the bottom.

The police have recovered 140 packets of narcotic ganja from the truck. The police have recovered a total of 714 kg of ganja. The value of the seized ganja is being estimated to be more than one crore rupees. It is being told that at present, around ₹ 50000 kg of ganja is being sold. The cost of 714 kg of ganja is said to be more than one crore. Taking action in the matter, the police have seized the truck.

The police have registered a case against the accused in the case. Based on the truck number, the police team is trying to trace the truck owner. Giving information on the matter, SP Rural Satyajit Gupta said that information was received from the informer about the arrival of ganja in the truck. The police team was checking the area by putting a barrier in the area.

During checking, the suspect truck was stopped, then it went ahead breaking the barrier at high speed. He was caught after following the truck. The truck driver fled from the spot. The ganja has been confiscated by confiscating the truck.

Ganja business in Agra, ganja is being sold in many places by street

Hemp business is booming in Agra. The drug addiction of cannabis is rapidly taking hold of the youth. Ganja is being sold at many places in Shahganj police station area of ​​Agra. Ganja pudding is also sold in Sadar police station area and Tajganj police station area. Such videos are constantly going viral on social media. Where people are openly selling ganja. Drug addiction is very dangerous. The drug addiction of cannabis is rapidly taking hold of the youth.

Ganja comes from Visakhapatnam, action against those selling ganja that has happened many times

The police have so far taken action against many ganja smugglers. Most of the ganja smugglers caught by the police have disclosed that they carry consignments of ganja from Visakhapatnam itself and deliver it from place to place on the way. Apart from Agra, smugglers smuggle ganja in Delhi. Apart from the police station in Agra, the GRP has caught smugglers of ganja many times. So far, ganja worth crores has been recovered from ganja smugglers. Along with men, women have also joined the smuggling of ganja. The GRP has arrested and sent women to jail several times for smuggling ganja.

Meerut News: The gang that bought ganja from Karnataka and sold it in Meerut and surrounding districts was busted

Meerut News: The police of Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh today arrested a woman claiming to have busted a gang which is involved in buying ganja from Karnataka and selling it in Meerut and adjoining districts. Police have recovered 2.5 kg ganja from the arrested woman.

Police station Kankarkheda Inspector Subodh Kumar Saxena, while giving information about the arrest of a gang member tonight, said that on the information of an informer, police station Kankarkheda raided a house in Jawahar Nagar, Rohta Road, Kankarkheda today, where from inside the bed. Ganja bags were recovered. All the puris were stuffed in a polythene, which weighed about 2.5 kg. The police has arrested the female smuggler Albel wife Gajanand alias Gajju resident Jawaharnagar from the spot. During interrogation, the woman told the police that she used to buy female ganja from a supplier in Karnataka. After that, she used to make puris of different weights and sell them for a price ranging from fifty rupees to a hundred rupees. According to Kankarkheda Inspector, the woman smuggler was presented in the court, from where she was sent to jail in judicial custody. According to the inspector, during interrogation, the woman has revealed the names of some of her gang members, whose arrest is being made.

Let us inform here that Jawahar Nagar area has been infamous for illegal drug trade for years. Here in the past, under the leadership of SP City, a large quantity of liquor was recovered by raiding the house of illegal liquor mafia. Even then many liquor smugglers were caught. At the same time, the then Inspector Tapeshwar Sagar had also arrested a smuggler resident of Jawahar Nagar after recovering a vehicle from the highway a few months back. Ganja worth about Rs 2.5 crore was recovered.