Ahmedabad City, Crime Branch, Love, Murder, Heart Attack – Murder of Mill’s husband along with lover, was done as a heart attack

Ahmedabad. The crime branch has made a shocking disclosure of killing the husband along with the lover and then performing the last rites by saying that he had a heart attack. Two months after the murder, the crime branch busted and arrested accused wife Deepti Patel (35) and her lover Saurabh Suthar (33) on Friday.
According to the Crime Branch, Bipinchandra Patel, a resident of Mangaljyot Society located on Ramol Vastral Road, died on 20 August 2021 at LG Hospital. Bipinchandra’s wife had told relatives and doctors that Bipinchandra was brought to the hospital after a heart attack, and died here. After that Bipinchandra’s body was found and his last rites were performed.
After some time the police got the news that Bipin Chandra did not die due to heart attack but he had been murdered. Bipinchandra’s wife Deepti has committed the murder along with her lover Saurabh Suthar, who lives in the neighbourhood. Sleeping pills have also been used in the murder. Due to which the Crime Branch investigated in this case, it was found that Deepti Patel had a love affair with Saurabh since 2018.

The husband had come to know about the illicit relationship
Bipinchandra had come to know about Deepti and Saurabh’s love affair five months back, due to which he reprimanded both of them. The two were unable to meet due to which both of them planned to kill Bipin. Saurabh told Jatin Pandya, who was working with him, that he could not sleep at night, saying that he got 10 sleeping pills from him. Jatin’s wife is a nurse in a hospital in Mehmedabad. Saurabh gave these pills to Deepti. On the night of 19 August 2021, Deepti gave sleeping pills mixed with milk to Bipin. with which he fell asleep. His Deepti, along with Saurabh, killed Bipin by pressing his mouth. On the morning of August 20, 108 ambulances were called and taken to LG Hospital, saying that he had a heart attack.

The two had started meeting unhindered.
Dipti and Saurabh started meeting unhindered, assuming that no one knew about her husband’s murder. Meanwhile, the Crime Branch was continuously investigating and collecting evidence. The crime branch questioned Saurabh’s colleague Jatin and his wife. Saurabh and Deepti were also taken into custody as soon as some evidence was found. When questioned again, both confessed to the crime. In this regard, a murder case has been registered at Ramol police station on the complaint of Bipin’s brother Rakesh Patel. Both will be handed over to Ramol police.