Air India sold, what will happen to employees’ jobs – salary and allowances? Know the answer to all the questions. How many employees are there in Air India Disinvestment Secratry Give full details of Employees

Air India sold, what will happen to employees' jobs - salary and allowances?  Know the answers to all the questions

Tata’s Air India

Tata Sons has won the bid for Air India. The Disinvestment Secretary told in the press conference that Air India has won the bid for Rs 18,000 crore. On October 4, Tata Sons’ bid was approved. The panel of ministers has approved the bid. Now the biggest question that comes to mind is that what will happen to the government employees working in Air India? Will his job remain or what kind of changes are possible? What about all the facilities they get?

How many employees are there in Air India at present?

The government said that about 12085 employees work in Air India. Of these, 8084 are permanent employees and 4001 are contract workers. Out of these, 3400 permanent employees will also retire in the financial year 2023-24. There are total 1434 employees in Air India Express. There are 191 permanent employees. There are 1156 contract employees.

What will happen to the employees now?

The Aviation Secretary told in the press conference that no job would be lost. Tata Sons will retain all employees for one year. In the second year, Tata Sons may offer VRS.

was asked to vacate the house

Let us tell you that in the end of September, the Aviation Ministry had formally sent a letter to the Chairman of Air India saying that within 15 days, the employees will have to submit a written undertaking that they are vacating the residence peacefully.

In a meeting on August 9, AISAM had decided that Air India employees can stay in the company’s residential colonies for six months after disinvestment or till these properties are sold, whichever date is earlier. You come

All retired employees residing in the residential colonies of Air India will be given a notice to vacate them immediately. But those who are in service will be allowed to stay for six months after disinvestment.

It has been said in the letter that disciplinary action will be taken against the employees who do not vacate the house within the stipulated time. They can be charged double rent from the market as fine and damage charge of Rs 10 to 15 lakh can also be taken from such employees of Delhi-Mumbai.

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