Amazing story of Crime lover robbed 70 year old owner of maid apologized in Mahakal to avoid sin loot cgnt

Gwalior. A strange story of crime has come to the fore in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. A BA first year student became friends with a girl through Facebook. When friendship turned into love, the boy went to meet his lover. Was surprised to see the house and the facilities there. The girlfriend told that she is the maid of this house. The 70-year-old retired teacher is his mistress, she lives here to take care of him. The student’s eyes fell on the elderly woman, who was wearing gold bracelets in her hand. From here the conspiracy of crime started.

7 days ago in Gwalior, a 70-year-old retired teacher was taken hostage in the house alone, a case was registered for robbing jewelry and cash by stuffing cloth in her mouth. Police have arrested two miscreants in the case, who are BA first year students. When the accused realized their guilt after the robbery, they went straight to Ujjain. After visiting Baba Mahakal in Ujjain, he also apologized to him for the loot. At the same time, he did charity there, so that the sin of looting would not fall on him. When both the miscreants were apologizing in Ujjain, the police here identified both with the help of CCTV footage and an auto driver. After this, as soon as both the students returned on Tuesday morning, the police took them into custody.

girl working for 8 years
According to the police, the girl was working with the elderly woman for 8 years. The accused used to visit her there several times. Every time he saw a lonely woman and her gold rings, greed came in his mind. From here he planned the robbery. However, the police say that the girl did not know anything about the incident. In fact, 70-year-old Pratibha Bhatnagar, a resident of New Shanti Nagar, Janakganj, is a retired teacher. She lives alone in the house. Along with him, a woman and the woman’s minor daughter (16 years) live to look after him. On October 6, around 12 noon, the maid lady had gone to the market for some work. There was a teenager at home who had gone to eat food in her room on the second floor and the elderly Pratibha was lying on the bed to take rest. In the meantime, both the accused came and closed his mouth with a dupatta, beat him up and robbed him.

In this way the police reached the robbers
When the police started investigating, the first clue was found in the CCTV footage installed on a building. Two boys were seen going towards the house. When the police investigated, in one place the footage showed both the boys sitting in the auto. The police team traced the auto in 24 hours. It was found that the auto driver had dropped both the boys at Hazira intersection. After this, the police started checking the CCTV footage from Hazira Square and reached Prasad Nagar in Hazira. The boys seen in the footage here were identified as Monu Goswami, Sunny Pal alias Shubham alias Sunny Shakya. When his house was traced, information was received that he had gone to Ujjain. After that the police waited.

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