“Anecdote of crime”: Husband gave a betel nut to kill his wife by taking ‘loan’, police were also stunned to see the wife’s ‘bet’ America Contract Killing Husband his friend wife police Womans life saved in this way

Anecdote of crime: Husband gave betel nut to kill wife by taking 'loan', police were also stunned to see wife's 'bet'

Husband himself trapped in his conspiracy. (symbolic picture)

In this episode of “Crime Ka Kaissa” presents the true story of the crime world in which the husband gave the contract (betel nut) for the wife’s murder. After the “contract killing”, the accused husband had taken a ‘loan’ of Rs 15 lakh to give it to the murderer. It is a different matter that the wife came four steps ahead of the mastermind husband. The wife tried to surround her husband red handed and to save herself from being murdered. Now the same mastermind husband is grinding the mill of the jail after his wife got caught in that net.

This is the story of America. The accused husband Alexander Krasavin is a taxi driver by profession. According to the American police, Alexander has been divorced from wife Nina some time ago. The couple also has a 9-year-old daughter. Due to mutual estrangement, both of them got divorced some time back. Daughter lives with mother Nina. The accused husband Alexander hatched this dangerous conspiracy to get rid of his wife forever and from the ‘expenses’ of every month that he pays her.

Dangerous conspiracy of evil mind husband

Under the conspiracy, Alexander thought that if wife Nina should be killed by paying money to someone. So his name (husband Alexander) will also not come up. Along with this, the wife and the monthly-expenses allowance given to her every month will also be exempted. Now the problem was that how and from whom should he kill his wife? For this Alexander took a loan of Rs 15 lakh. Of these, 13 lakh rupees were given to a friend. Under this agreement that his friend who took Rs 13 lakh would kill his wife Nina.

The friend whom Alexander had paid for the wife’s murder by taking a ‘supari’ loan of Rs 13 lakh, understood that Alexander was joking about killing his wife. Therefore, the friend told about the deal of 13 lakh rupees made by Alexander to the wife of Nina (Alexander) for the murder of his wife. When Neena comes to know that her husband is ready to kill her. So she started thinking four steps ahead. He had made a way to save himself from being murdered.

Wife walks four steps ahead of husband

At the same time, the sharp-minded Nina tried to teach such a lesson to her husband, till he himself remained alive, but the husband could not even dare to look at her whole life. Nina had a relationship with a make-up artist. Nina scolded the make-up artist to make such a make-up on her face and neck so that, in the pictures, it would appear that she (Nina) was murdered by slitting her throat. Following Nina’s advice, the make-up artist did the same make-up on Nina’s face and neck. As in the case of a person killed by cutting his neck.

Sharp intellect Nina took photos of her face and neck visible from her slain ready after that make-up. She handed over these photos to the same friend of husband Alexander, whom the husband had given the contract to kill Nina for 13 lakhs. Nina asked her husband’s friend to send Alexander all those bloody neck pictures to her husband Alexander. And say that he (husband’s friend) has killed his wife in exchange for Rs 13 lakh.

friend saved woman’s life

According to Nina, Alexander’s friend sent a fake photo of Nina’s alleged corpse to her husband Alexander. From the pictures of the dead body of the wife, the husband guessed that, according to the deal done for 13 lakhs, his contractor killer friend has killed the wife by beheading. So, forgetting all his past and last in the joy of getting chased from his wife, the conspiratorial husband also transferred the remaining amount fixed for the murder to the bank account of the friend (the alleged murderer of wife Nina on hire) online. Considering only those pictures that the friend had sent her as correct.

As soon as the husband transferred the remaining amount of the contract killing to the friend’s account. In the same way, her husband’s friend conveyed his information to Nina. Neena needed this strong evidence to strengthen herself legally against her husband and reach the police. On the other hand, the husband was happy by giving 13 lakhs to his friend and seeing the fake photo of the wife’s corpse that Chalo Bibi was chased forever. But his happiness disappeared within a few days. When the police arrested Alexander for the alleged murder of his wife. Until something came to the understanding of Alexander that his wife had played a bet.

Such a clever husband trapped in husband’s trick

The bet in which the wife trapped her husband Alexander badly and legally from all sides. By the time the husband, who was determined to kill his wife by being trapped in his tricks, was able to understand the tricks of the wife, it was too late. On the other hand, in this case, the American police had to say to the media there that, “There is strong evidence against the accused of conspiring to kill the wife. It is a different matter that the victim had saved herself by luck and her sharp intellect. At the same time, she was also successful in busting the conspiracy of her husband. Both the witness and the evidence against the accused are strong. The same friend of accused Alexander will testify against Nina’s husband, with whom he had settled the deal to kill Nina (wife) for Rs 13 lakh. Also, the record of money transferred by husband Alexander to the friend’s bank account will also serve as important evidence in the court to convict the accused.

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