Anupamaa twist Anuj ruin Kavya career To Pakhi Against Anupama| Anupamaa Star plus 3 twists Anuj ruin Kavya career And Pakhi turns negative in Anuj Anupama story- Anuj will ruin Kavya’s career, Vanraj will use Pakhi against Anupama?

Anupamaa Star plus 3 twists Anuj ruin Kavya career And Pakhi turns negative in Anuj Anupama story-

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  • Pakhi will also be now against Anupama-Anuj.
  • There is going to be a lot of turmoil in the Shah family.
  • Know about the 3 big twists coming in the show.

Popular show Anupama is now all set to bring an interesting twist in its upcoming track. It was earlier seen that Kavya waits for Anuj in the cabin where Anuj after discussing with Anupama decides to take her in his company. Anupama happily agrees to hire Kavya. Anuj then decides to talk to Kavya. Anuj has given a warning before hiring Kavya because now she is going to join the company professionally.

Will Anuj ruin Kavya’s career?
Anuj makes it very clear to Kavya that she will work with AK Group, but not Vanraj. Also Vanraj will never come to the office so that no drama is created. If Vanraj comes to his office and does drama then it will be the last day of Kavya’s work. Anuj also tells that if this happens he will completely ruin his career. Anuj gives Kavya his tough look and leaves the decision to her. It will be interesting to see whether Kavya will do the job now or will leave?

Pakhi will also now be against Anupama-Anuj
It was earlier seen that Paritosh was not happy with Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. Paritosh, like Vanraj, is jealous of Anuj and he too does not think before misbehaving with Anuj. Now even Pakhi is not happy with Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. In the upcoming episode, Pakhi gets sad when she sees that there is a big fight again between Anupama and Vanraj. Pakhi expresses concern for her parents and expresses her anguish over the quarrels in the house. Now Vanraj decides to use Pakhi against Anupama to drive away Anuj. Now Pakhi will also join the team of Vanraj, Baa and Toshu.

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Rohan will threaten Nandini
Anuj gives Samar a big chance to perform. Meanwhile, Vanraj is leaving no chance to insult Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. Anupama tells Vanraj that Samar is going to perform at a corporate award show. Vanraj talks to Samar over the phone and orders him to come home, but he refuses saying that he is busy. Later, Baa tells Vanraj that it is Anuj who is sending Samar to Delhi. Also Samar meanwhile asks Nandini to stay at his house and not worry her. Here Rohan learns about Samar’s trip to Delhi and decides to take advantage of the situation. Now in the upcoming episode, Rohan will try to threaten Nandini in Samar’s absence. Poor Nandini will be left alone to help.