Assess the security of couples who marry in non religion: Delhi High Court

New Delhi [विनीत त्रिपाठी]. The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi Police to assess the security of a couple marrying a non-religion. The couple filed a petition saying that the girl’s relatives are angry with the decision to get married and they are in danger of their lives from them. The youth and the girl have demanded to provide security.

Court directed the police to take appropriate action

A bench of Justice Yogesh Khanna directed the concerned station in-charge to personally hear the petitioners and take appropriate action after assessing the threats received by them. The bench also directed that the mobile number of the concerned beat constable should also be made available to Yugat so that they can contact him in case of emergency.

Threats to kill the girl from her relatives

In the petition, he said that he was getting death threats from the relatives of the girl. The couple argued that they were both adults and were in a relationship for the past four years. The girl has left the house of her own free will. In September, he had applied for marriage under the Special Marriage Act and the girl had informed the police officials in this regard.

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Threatening to implicate in false case

According to the petition, the couple is residing in Delhi and on October 5, some members of the girl’s family entered the youth’s house and threatened her parents that they would implicate her in false cases if she was not sent back. The girl, who was present in the court during the hearing, told the bench that she does not want to go to her parents’ house as she has objected to marrying the youth.