Barwani News: Because of the fear of police-CCTV in the city, bikes were stolen from the villages

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 08:27 PM (IST)

Barwani (Naiduniya News). The Kotwali police busted the bike thief gang. On Friday afternoon, SP Deepak Kumar Shukla disclosed the matter in the police control room premises. According to the police, the accused used to steal bikes mainly from rural areas and sell them for five to ten thousand rupees on the pretext of making paper soon to simple people. During this, stealing a bike from the city’s Dussehra ground became costly to them. In this case, the police caught three youths of village Rehgun, eight km from the headquarters and seized four bikes worth Rs two lakh from their possession.

Police said that in the Kotwali police station area, three people had written a report of bike theft. SP Deepak Shukla formed a police team to nab the accused. During this, a day before, it was learned from the informer that two youths were coming towards the Olympic circle, a bike stolen from the Dussehra ground. When the police reached the spot, two youths were seen carrying red colored bikes. The police chased them and caught them on Silawad Road. The accused told their names to be Ajay (23) son Balu Vaskle, Rohit (24) son Nanuram Bhargava resident of Rehgun. When the police asked for the documents of the bike, they started sweating. After matching the chassis number of the bike, it was found stolen from Dussehra ground. The police brought both the accused to the police station and interrogated them, where they accepted their crime. Along with this, about other thefts, another bike was told to be stolen from the farm of Rehgun, which his relative of the village Raju alias Rapchik (24) son Khemram Bhargava told to give the hall position to Indore. The police caught the accused Raju and seized the stolen bike from his possession. On the other hand, the police recovered another bike hidden in the fields of Ajay and Rohit. While another bike without number Ajay and Rohit told to steal from Khalghat.

Fear of Police-CCTV

Police said that the accused told that due to the presence of CCTV cameras and police at the intersections in the city, targeting the villages, they used to make bikes disappear from there and keep them hidden with them. After this, on the pretext of giving papers to simple people in a month, they used to sell them for just five to ten thousand rupees. TI Rajesh Yadav said that the three accused, while not doing any work, have come to the fore of bullying. Along with this, a case was registered against an accused Rohit in the past as well. The three have been produced in the court and have sought remand for further interrogation of the case.

their stolen bike was found

The complainant, a resident of Sajwani, had come to the Barwani Dussehra ground to buy the statue of Mata on October 7, from where the bike MG 46 MG 2276 disappeared. Narayan Barfa of Rehgun had gone to the farm on 29 September with his bike Amy 46 MG 3634, someone took it from there. At the same time, Santosh Jamre, a resident of the city’s filter plant, wrote a report on October 12 that someone took the bike number MP 46 MN 9747 from outside his house at seven o’clock in the evening of 26 September. At the same time, an unnumbered bike has been seized from the accused, which they have told to be stolen from Khalghat.

Police team will be rewarded

Police station in-charge Rajesh Yadav, along with sub-inspector Rajeev Singh Oshal, acting principal constable Shailendra Singh Parihar, Rajmal Gokhale, Jagjodh Singh Chauhan, Mukesh Mandloi, Yogesh Patil, constable Sandesh Panchal, Antarsingh Rawat, Gendalal Sisodia and Champalal Khode, were involved in catching the bike thief gang. The Superintendent of Police announced a reward to the police team.

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