Bhopal Arts and Culture Mata Shabri opposed animal sacrifice on her marriage

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 05:18 PM (IST)

Bhopal Arts and Culture: Bhopal ( Navdunia Reporter). The Vanvasi Leelas have been prepared by the Culture Department with the aim of providing public awareness to the dedication and cooperation of Aranyak residents and Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. On the concluding day of the fifth day of Shri Ramlila Utsav, the Vanvasi Leela Natya Bhaktimati Shabari was presented on the Muktakash stage of Rabindra Bhavan, the traditional Ramlila staging style Jatra of Odisha was presented through modern technical means. This Leela Natya was directed by Guru Nirmaldas and assistant direction by Anshul Dubey. The article for the presentation has been written by Yogesh Tripathi. The specialty of Leela is that the actors associated with her acting are from different tribal and folk communities of the state.

The Leela Natya, which has been described very prominently as a synonym for Shabari Bhakti in the Ramakatha literature, begins with the aarti of Lord Shri Ram. In the next scene, it is told that in the previous life, Mata Shabri was a queen, who wanted to do devotion, but the king forbids Mata Shabari to do devotion. Then Shabri Maa sacrifices her life by drowning in the Ganges, asking Ganga to do devotion for the next birth. In the next scene, Shabari has a second birth and Shabari joins the Ganges to the Bhil community settled in the Giri forest on the banks of the Ganges. The Bhil community takes care of Shabari and when Shabari attains puberty, they are intended to get married, but protesting against the sacrifice of animals in their marriage, they leave the house and roam to reach Matang Rishi’s ashram. It is where sage Matang gives initiation to Mata Shabari. Due to being very old, Matang says to sage Mata Shabari that in this birth I did not see Lord Rama, but you must wait and God will definitely see him. In the next scene of Leela, Giddharaj Milap, Kabandha Sur dialogue, Lord Rama and Mata Shabri Milap were staged. Lord Ram and Mata Shabari In the Milap episode, Lord Ram narrates the Navadha Bhakti story to Mata Shabari and Shabari tells them about the path to reach Mata Sita. In the next scene of Leela Natya, Shabari takes samadhi. 24 artists from tribal and folk communities acted in this performance of one hour 38 minutes duration. The relationship between Shri Ram and the forest dwellers was exposed in the entire Leela.

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