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Publish Date: | Mon, 02 Aug 2021 07:56 AM (IST)

Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Bhopal (Navdunia Reporter). Under the Gamak series, Satyamangal Mangilal Kulshrestha and colleagues of Agar Malwa presented Kabir singing on behalf of Tribal Folk Arts and Boli Vikas Academy on Sunday evening, while Sonsai Baiga and colleagues of Mandla tied the knot by performing Baiga tribal dance Karma. These performances were broadcast live.

The program started with Kabir singing by Satyamangal Mangilal Kulshrestha and companions. Satyamangal first presented the Kabir Pad – Motida Chuge Re Hanso Motida Chuge… After that Tambura Sun Le Re Sadho Bhai…, Jeene Sadho Ki Sangat Pai Rama…, Man Mast Hua Phir Kya Bole… and Chal Ud Hansa… garnered applause from the online audience. In the presentation, Sarada Devi Kulshreshtha accompanied Satyamangal Mangilal Kulshreshtha in accompaniment, Mahesh Kulshreshtha in dholak and accompaniment and Gangaram Malviya on harmonium, Raees Khan on violin, Sohan Rao and Dinesh Malviya on manjire and Shyam Malviya on kartal.

The second presentation was done by Baiga tribal dance Karma. The people of Baiga tribe associated with nature have been living in the forests for thousands of years. In MP, the people of Baiga tribe are especially settled in Mandla and Dindori. The Karma dance of Baigas continues from Vijayadashami to the beginning of the rainy season in the joy of the new year and the joy of getting a new life. When the young men beat the temple, the girls leave the house and the Karma dance begins. It is an all night long dance. In the Karma dance, men stand in the middle and play the melody and sing, the women dance around them by placing their hands around the waist and bowing down with a gentle movement of the feet, showing gestures with one hand.

Today in Gamak: As part of the series, there will be presentation of tabla playing by Salim Allahwale and Saathi, Bhopal on behalf of Directorate of Culture, Bhopal and Rajasthani folk dance and singing by Dilip Masoom and Saathi, Bhopal from 7 pm on Monday, which will be broadcast on YouTube channel and Facebook page of the department. will be done live.

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