Bhopal Arts and Culture News An evening adorned with melodic performances of Kathak and subclassical singing

Publish Date: | Mon, 06 Sep 2021 07:43 AM (IST)

Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Bhopal (Navdunia Reporter). A classical Kathak dance was presented by Avni Shukla of Ujjain and colleagues on behalf of Kalidas Sanskrit Academy on Sunday evening under the online game series focused on the activities related to multiple disciplines of Madhya Pradesh Culture Department. Apart from this, a classical singing was presented by Madhuri Barve of Ujjain. The presentations were highly appreciated by the online audience.

In the beginning of the program, Dr. Santosh Pandya, Director-in-Charge of Kalidas Sanskrit Academy delivered the welcome address. After this, Avani Shukla and colleagues started their presentation with Guruvandana in Kathak dance. It then culminated in the technical side of Kathak dance with a pleasing offering of Thumri dance in three rhythms like Aamad, Tode, Tukde, Paran, Tatkar etc. Ishani Bhatt, Sanika Sathe, Aranya Nagar, Anargya Gaur, Charul Joshi, Aishwarya Sharma and Vidhi Joshi supported her on stage in this performance. On the other hand, Arun Kushwaha on Tabla, Pratibha Raghuvanshi on Padant and Aastik Upadhyay on Harmonium.

The second presentation was of sub-classical music, in which Madhuri Barve presented the compositions composed in Raga Rageshree Chhota Khayal. This was followed by singing the hymn ‘Bina Saawaro Se Naina Lage…’ and concluded the presentation. He was accompanied by Anurag Gome on Tabla and Ms. Tanaya Gandhe on Harmonium. Listening to this online listeners got emotional

Today in Gamak: Under the Gamak series, on Friday evening at seven o’clock, singing by Dr. Usha Sharma of Bhopal and colleagues, Rajasthani folk singing by Hemlata Jimbo of Bhopal and colleagues and Vikas Sirmolia of Bhopal and colleagues will present color-music. The presentation will be broadcast live on the Department of Culture’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Posted By: Ravindra Soni

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