Bhopal Arts and Culture News In Bhopal next month researchers of nomads from across the country will gather

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Bhopal Arts And Culture News: Sushil Pandey, Bhopal. There are discussions on the culture, knowledge tradition, art sense of Nagara, Lok and Aranyak castes in the country, but little study is available on the nomadic communities and their culture, whereas in Madhya Pradesh itself there are about 30 types of nomadic tribes. . Underlining the contribution of nomads in Indian civilization and culture, to discuss authentic, practical knowledge, from 19 to 20 October, on behalf of Tribal Folk Art and Language Development Academy, Madhya Pradesh Sanskriti Parishad, Bhopal, a research seminar on the topic “Nomadic Community: Oral Traditions”. Dr. Dharmendra Pare, Director, Tribal Folk Art and Language Development Academy, said that oral traditions mean the knowledge, behavior and work of this community, which is not written, but is passed on from generation to generation. He informed that 100 entries have been received from all over the country for the seminar to be organized at Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum.

Rich History of Knowledge Tradition: Fellows, professors and independent scholars are being invited to the seminar for constructive dialogue on culture, language, craft, art, knowledge tradition of nomadic communities. Research articles based on oral tradition have also been asked from him on one nomadic tribe residing in his district. The selected research article will be published in the Academy’s journal Chaumas. Dr. Pare said that when we talk about the nomads, the image of an old and ready-made criminal comes to our mind, while the history of this caste is rich. The nomadic tribes were well versed in many tasks and have done remarkable work in many fields. The coordinator of the program will be Dr. Ruchi Ghosh Dastidar, Professor of Barkatullah University and Dr. Alpana Trivedi, Professor of Hamidia College. Prior to this, a research seminar on Vimukt Tribes was organized by the Akademi.

topics discussed in the seminar

Origin and Status: Introduction, residence, nomenclature, origin stories, housing system, physical formation, dress, gotra and symbol stories, demography.

Customs and Culture: Birth, marriage, death and other rites, clothing, ornaments, food and drink, business, education, sports, deities, festivals and beliefs. Form of deity, symbolism, beliefs, ritual methods, occasions and folk beliefs.

Social organization: Family system, social system, justice and caste panchayat.

Oral Literature: Speeches, tales, ballads, songs, proverbs, riddles.

Performing and performing arts: dance, theatrical, singing, instrumental, craft, painting, tattooing, wall decoration.

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