Bhopal Arts and Culture News Online presentation of Bhojpuri folk dance in Gamak captivated the audience

Publish Date: | Sun, 04 Jul 2021 09:01 AM (IST)

Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Bhopal (Navdunia Reporter). On Saturday, Bhojpuri Sahitya Akademi organized a discussion on some folk dances being extinct in Bhojpuri culture, in which Manoranjan Ojha gave a statement under the series ‘Gamak’ of the Department of Culture of Madhya Pradesh. On this occasion, Kumar Uday and colleagues also gave online presentation of ‘Launda Naach’ by Bhikhari Thakur. It was broadcast live on the department’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. The audience liked it a lot and it received many likes and comments.

Launda dance is an integral part of Bhojpuri culture. Under the Gamak, the Launda dance of Bhikhari Thakur was presented by Kumar Uday and his companions. In Bihar, there is often a Launda dance on the bandwagon in marriages. A boy dressed as a girl dances to the tune of a musical instrument. People also dance with him. The popularity of the dance can be gauged from whether it is a worship ceremony or the occasion of a wedding or the time of reception of the people of the groom’s side, this dance has been performed everywhere with a band. However, in today’s era this dance is also on the verge of extinction. The word ‘Launda’ itself has a variety of meaning images. In the Bhojpuri region, then the entry of girls or women was prohibited for performing stage arts. For this reason, such men and boys were dressed like women and danced, who were proficient in dancing. The credit of bringing Launda dance to world fame goes to famous folk artist Bhikhari Thakur and his troupe. Maheshwaracharya was the first to write on Bhikhari Thakur that ‘The truth is that especially in the area of ​​Ara, Ballia and Chhapra (then Saran) there has not been, nor will there be, nor will there be any dance in comparison to the beggar. After listening to ‘Bhikhari Ka Naach Aaya Hai’, the audience who left the food kept in front has been seen in lakhs. Will any cinema picture match in front of Bhikhari Thakur’s dance? And will the crowd gather, some to the music of Tansen or Baiju Bawra, when the beggars themselves used to get down on the stage. Kumar Uday is active in Patna Theater since last fifteen years.

Bhojpuri folk singer and music director Manoranjan Ojha told about the characteristics, origin and tradition of Launda, Chauhat and Netua dance styles. He told that Chauhat dance was organized to get rain in Bhadau month. Only the women of the village participated in it. It was performed by dividing it into two parties. Similarly, the Netua were a nomadic caste of Bhojpur, they were also called to perform on the auspicious occasion, which was called Netua Naach. Both these dance forms have become extinct. Manoranjan Ojha has given his musical performances in many national and international forums.

Today in Gamak: From 7 pm on Sunday evening, Pritam Malviya and Saathi, Malvi singing of Shajapur and Nimadi folk dance performance by Deepak Tiwari and Saathi Bhopal will be broadcast live on Department’s YouTube channel and Facebook page by Tribal Lok Kala and Boli Vikas Akademi.

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