Bhopal Crime News Policemen saved the life of the youth by reaching on time the vein of the hand was cut

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 02:51 PM (IST)

Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Two policemen of Bagasevaniya police without wasting time after getting timely information, a youth was admitted to the hospital. Where doctors started treating the young man and saved his life. The young man tried to kill himself in the night by cutting the vein of his hand. This was informed to the police by a person.

According to the information, the police got information that a person is committing suicide by closing the door inside his house near AIIMS Gurudwara. The police took this information very seriously. Two constables were sent from the police station to the spot. Where the police reached and saw, he had cut the vein of his hand. Blood was pouring continuously from his hand. All measures to stop him had failed. He was admitted to AIIMS by both the constables of the police. Wherever in time, he got treatment. Which saved his life. The head constable of the police station, Upendra constable and Ravi played an important role in saving the youth. When the top officers got information about the police personnel, they announced to reward both the policemen.

Upendra has already helped people

Head constable Upendra Rajawat has already helped the people. He helped a family at the time of Corona. When the woman’s husband was out and needed ration at home. Then he had delivered ration to that family. He was honored for his work.

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