Bhopal Crime News Rape of minor reached aunts house from Surat FIR on relative

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 02:37 PM (IST)

Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Kamla Nagar Police has taken the matter under investigation by actually establishing the sections of zero rape, which reached Bhopal from Surat. The case pertains to the rape of a 12-year-old Class VII student. A complaint has been made by the mother of the victim. It is alleged that in the month of August, the minor had reached her aunt’s house in Bhopal. where her relative raped her. Police have registered a case and started searching for the accused.

According to Kamla Nagar Police Station Inspector Akanksha Sharma, the 12-year-old victim is a resident of Surat, Gujarat. August

In 2021, she reached her aunt’s house living in Bhopal. Where he had to attend a wedding ceremony. During this marriage ceremony, he met a relative. The two came close to each other and on August 25, the accused took her to a park near the house on the pretext of taking her for a walk and where he did dirty work with her. Later, the accused started doing wrong things with her by intimidating her. The accused raped her for about one and a half months.

Just a day ago, the girl reached her home and told the whole incident to the family members. On this, the family members took the girl with them and lodged an FIR in Surat police station. Later the case diary came to Bhopal. The police will now call the minor’s family to Bhopal and find out about the accused by recording their statement in detail in the whole matter.

Two rape cases registered in one hour in Ashoka Garden

Here, in the Ashokagarden police station with two different girls in an hour

Cases of rape were registered. The accused raped the girls for two years on the pretext of marriage. The marriage was later denied. Police is on the lookout for both the accused.

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