Bihar Crime: After Fight With Wife Husband Opened Secret, Said- Wife Murdered One Laborer Along With Two Lovers Ann | Bihar: Husband opened poll after quarrel with wife, said

Purnia On Thursday, a male skeleton was found from the toilet tank of a line hotel in Purnia. The male skeleton is that of a hotel employee who was murdered four months ago. This has been revealed after the quarrel between husband and wife. The owner of the hotel along with her two lovers had done this incident and plastered the body by putting the body in the tank. Her husband has made all these revelations.

This incident happened near Belori barrier of Mufassil police station area. Artisan Mohd working in Dulari Line Hotel. Mujahid was missing for nearly four months. The relatives searched a lot but he could not be found. Whenever the family members inquired about this from the hotel owner, it was told by the hotel owner that he had left work and went to another hotel.

wife had illicit relationship with two people

After four months, there was a fight between the owner of the hotel and her husband Vijay Raha, then Vijay Raha went to the house of the missing worker and told that his wife Roshan Bano, the priest of the nearby temple Pratap Thakur and the operator of the salon, Rajesh Thakur, joined the hotel. Staff Mr. Mujahid is killed. After four months, the family was stunned to hear this news. The relatives informed the police of Mufassil police station. The police have detained the hotel operator Vijay Raha and the priest and Thakur of the temple in this case. When the police searched the tank, a male skeleton wrapped in cloth was found.

It is said that the owner of the hotel, Roshan Bano, had an illicit relationship with both the priest and Thakur, which Mohd. The Mujahid was caught red handed. After this, the whole thing was told to the hotel owner Vijay Raha. Angered by this, the hotel owner, with the help of the priest and Thakur, killed the Mujahid and put the body in the tank. After this, the woman threatened her husband with murder. At present the hotel owner is absconding. NS. Mojahid was a resident of Bakhri Salona in Khagaria district. He lived in Purnia with his wife and three children.

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