Bilaspur Crime News Burglary in workshop thieves took away machinery and gas cylinders

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 04:59 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: Thieves crossed machinery and gas cylinders while breaking into the furniture workshop of Chakarbhatha. When the labor reached the workshop after five days, he came to know about it. He gave this information to the owner. On this, the workshop operator has complained about the incident to Chakarbhatha police station. On the complaint of the workshop operator, the police is investigating after registering a case.

Prashant Vidwani (25 years) living in Chakarbhatha runs a furniture workshop by the name of Anmol Industries. He told the police that the workers went home after closing the workshop at 4 pm on October 4. After this the workshop was closed due to the employees’ leave. Employees came to work on Saturdays. Upon opening the workshop, it was found that the machines and the gas cylinder were missing. On looking inside, it was found that the thieves had broken into two walls of the workshop. After this the thieves who entered took away the machinery. He gave this information to the owner Prashant. Prashant has complained about the incident to Chakarbhatha police station. On this, the police is investigating the matter by registering a crime.

Ongoing interrogation of suspects

On the complaint, the police inspected the spot. After this, the people around have been questioned in relation to the suspects. The police team has questioned the surrounding suspects. At the same time, investigation has been done in relation to the accused who was caught earlier in the theft case. At present, the police have not got any clue of the thieves in the case. The police has also taken information from the owner about the employees working in the shop.

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