Bilaspur Crime News During Durga immersion in Bilaspur knife wielding kept rounding the hospital for the whole night with the injured

Publish Date: | Sun, 17 Oct 2021 03:00 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: During Durga immersion in Magarpara, there was a dispute between the two parties. During the dispute, the youths attacked the auto driver with a knife. During this, the brother of the injured somehow intervened with his companions. After this, he kept making rounds of different hospitals with him. The injured have been admitted to KIMS after making rounds in many hospitals. At the same time, on the information of this, the police have registered a case of attempt to murder and are searching for the accused youths.

Sanjay Gupta, who lives in Marargali, Magarpara, is an auto driver. He told that on Saturday night he was going from his locality for Durga immersion. At 10.30 pm, people of Tridev Yuva Manch started quarreling with each other in front of Gayatri Medical. Sanjay and his brother Deva Gupta stayed there. Meanwhile, Rahul Bhimte, Rinku Nagdaune and Rinku Kashyap started abusing Deva together. On resisting this, Rahul stabbed Deva with a knife, threatening to kill him.

With this his vents came out. At the same time, Rinku Kashyap and Rinku Nagdaune started beating him with a plastic pipe. Amidst the fight, Sanjay and his associates somehow intervened. After this Sims went with the injured. Due to the lack of a doctor in Sims, he kept making rounds of the injured to many hospitals including Apollo. When the doctor was not found anywhere, they took him to Kims Hospital. The injured are being treated by being admitted here.

Police also kept searching for the injured

The police was not aware of the incident till late night. When the police got information about this late night, then station in-charge Shanip Ratre reached Sims with the police team. When the injured were not found here, the police team went to different hospitals. Eventually, the information of the injured was taken by going to the spot. After this, he went to his house and inquired about the victim. Later, after registering a crime on the complaint of the brother of the injured, the accused youths are being searched.

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