Bilaspur Crime News Health department official injured due to auto collision in Bilaspur driver threatens

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 12:58 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: The driver of the speeding auto hit the health department official’s scooty. This left the officer and his wife injured. At the same time, after the accident, the driver of the auto started threatening the health department official. When he resisted, he beat up the officer. At the same time, threatening to kill him, fled from there. The victim has complained to the Sarkanda police station. On this, the police is investigating the matter by registering a crime.

Swaroop Dhara, who lives in Mopka, Sarkanda, is the Program Officer of the Health Department in Korba district. On Wednesday night, he had left for Durga Darshan with his wife and children. After darshan, he was returning to his house at eight o’clock in the night. His scooty was hit by the driver of a speeding auto near Bahatrai Chowk. Due to this, Scooty rider Swaroop Dhara fell along with his wife and children. The officer and his wife Shilpa were injured in the accident. On this he asked the auto driver to drive properly.

On this the driver of the auto started getting confused with him. Also beat him up. In the midst of the fight, the surrounding people somehow intervened. After this, the driver of the auto fled threatening to kill him. The victim officer complained to the Sarkanda police station. After this, the injured wife was treated in the hospital. On the complaint, the police is looking for the auto driver by registering a crime.

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