Bilaspur Crime News Income tax officer was stopped and robbed thrashed for protesting

Publish Date: | Fri, 15 Oct 2021 12:32 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: The Income Tax Department officer living in Devnandan Nagar was beaten up by youths in Madhuban Dayalband in broad daylight. Also robbed them of nine thousand rupees. During the assault, the officer somehow escaped and saved his life. The hurt officer has complained of the robbery to the Kotwali police station. On this, the Kotwali police have arrested a suspect by registering a crime. Police is interrogating the suspect. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon.

Sameer Pandey, who lives in Devnandan Nagar of Sarkanda, is the office superintendent in the Income Tax Department. At one o’clock on Thursday afternoon, he was going to the bank at Gandhi Chowk via Madhuban Road with his partner Manish Gadhewal. His Activa was stopped by three or four youths standing on the road near Madhuban. After this, without talking anything, started beating him with a stick. The officer and his accomplice resisted the assault. On this the youth started demanding money from him. On protesting, the youths took out the purse from the officer’s pocket.

There were nine thousand 500 rupees in the purse. Amidst the fight, the officer and his accomplice escaped to save their lives. After this the officer reached the Kotwali police station along with his companion. The police, who reached the information of the incident, questioned the people around in relation to the robbers. It came to light that Vicky Yadav and Sanju, who lived there, along with their associates had looted. On this, the police arrested a suspect by raiding it on Thursday night. Police is interrogating the suspected youth.

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