Bilaspur Crime News Mother and brother grabbed doctors ancestral land by giving false affidavit

Publish Date: | Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:18 PM (IST)

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: The doctor, who lives in Magarpara Road, has complained to the police about his mother and brother grabbing the ancestral property by giving a false affidavit. On this, the Civil Line Police is investigating the matter by registering a crime. Dr. Y. Rajasekhar, who lives in Magarpara, told in his complaint that on August 7, 2020, his father Dr. YR Krishna had died. After this his mother Y. Kamala and younger brother Y. Ravi Shekhar applied for transfer of land in the Revenue Court.

The complainant stated that his father had not made any will before his death. At the same time, his mother and younger brother gave an affidavit stating that apart from him, there is no other heir to the property. Whereas apart from Rajasekhar, sister Pallavi is also the heir. The land has been transferred on the basis of this false affidavit. The doctor told that he provides services as orthopedic surgeon in different cities. Due to this, he could not get information about the fraud committed by his mother and brother. When he came to the city in the past, he came to know about it. He has also submitted the land documents along with his complaint. On this, the police is investigating the matter by registering a crime.

The worker in the hospital gave false testimony

Dr. Y. Rajshekhar told in the complaint that Devendra Singh Thakur, who worked in his father’s hospital, had also testified in the transfer. Devendra gave an affidavit in the court and told that there are only two heirs of the ancestral property. While the witness knows that Dr. YR Krishna has three children. Even after this he gave a false affidavit. At the same time, the witnesses of Sthal Panchnama were also aware of this.

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