Bilaspur Crime News The judges car was stolen by the domestic help in Bilaspur arrested along with her husband

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: The judge’s car was stolen from the district court premises by the domestic help. The Civil Line Police has arrested the woman and her husband in the case. The judge reprimanded him for his negligence. Angered by this, the woman carried out this incident.

On October 5, the thieves had taken the car of Judge Shweta Srivastava from the District and Sessions Court premises. On the complaint, the police were looking for the thieves after registering a crime. Meanwhile, information was received that a car is parked in an abandoned condition near Gokuldham. On this, the police seized the car and started searching for the owner on the basis of the number. It turned out that the car number is fake. On this, the police found out about the owner from the chassis number. It was found that the car belonged to Judge Shweta Srivastava.

After this, the police started searching for those who left the car there after taking footage of the surrounding CCTV. During investigation, it was found that a youth came with a car near Gokuldham. During this, a woman was going in the scooty behind the car. The young man left the car and returned with the woman. After getting clues from CCTV, the police have detained Kamal Sahu and Pooja Sahu, residing in Uslapur. He was interrogated. In which it was revealed that both are husband and wife.

Pooja Sahu used to work at the judge’s house. Something went wrong with him in the last few days. To which the judge reprimanded. On this, along with her husband, she planned to steal the car. The accused husband and wife are in police custody. they are being interrogated.

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