Birthday Special: When Parmeet Sethi had to hide the secret of marriage for 4 years to save Archana’s career. Happy birthday parmeet sethi do you know ddlj actor hide his marriage with archana puran singh for 4 years

Birthday Special: When Parmeet Sethi had to hide the secret of marriage for 4 years to save Archana's career

Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh

When two unknown people met at a common friend’s party, they gave each other heart. It can also be called love at first sight. We are talking about Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh. Today is Parmeet Sethi’s birthday. On this special occasion of his birthday, we will talk about his biggest happiness i.e. love story of him and Archana Puran Singh.

Despite all the obstacles and quarrels of the family, both of them were able to establish a beautiful relationship. Be it buying a dress worth Rs 550 or a big house in Mumbai, Archana and Parmeet’s journey so far has been a wonderful journey to do every big or small task together.

Parmeet hid his marriage for Archana for 4 years

When Archana and Parmeet were first introduced to each other, they found each other attached to themselves. It is generally believed that relationships that develop under stressful situations never blossom, but this is not the case. Parmeet and Archana supported each other well even in adversity. Even after getting married, they are happily spending their time with each other for so long.

Parmeet married Archana in the year 1992, but both of them disclosed their marriage in 1996. This was disclosed by Archana in one of her interviews. Not only this, along with this, Archana had also revealed that Parmeet Sethi had the intention of hiding this marriage for four years and why did he do it?

Archana had opened this secret

Talking about her marriage, Archana Puran Singh had said that at that time there was a general belief in our industry that if a girl gets married, she gets less work. People in the industry said that married heroines do not get much work. This is a small conservatism in the industry. There are different guidelines for women and men.

The actress further said that the industry thinks that there will be a marriage, a child will happen and then the actress will leave her commitment in the middle and she will not be punctual on her time and commitment. At that time Parmeet told me that this marriage is for us. We wanted to do it privately and keep it out of the public eye. We both wanted to get married. Parmeet did not want marriage to affect my career. After that both of us decided to keep the secret of this marriage.

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