Booking Of 1000 Cars In Navratri, Only 600 People Will Get… Because – Booking Of 1000 Cars In Navratri, Only 600 People Will Get…

– Global problem: Chip has stalled the delivery of cars, mini SUV, SUV may have an impact on sales in Navratri due to waiting of four to six months
Due to lack of production during the Corona period, the semi-conductor comes from abroad

Gwalior. Automobiles are considered to be the largest selling sector during the nine days of Shardiya Navratri. In this too, people like four wheelers very much, but this year the semiconductor chip installed in cars is stopping sales. In fact, due to the lack of this chip imported from abroad, the manufacturing of cars has been stuck. This chip is produced in countries like Taiwan, China, Singapore and South Korea. But due to the lockdown in these countries, production could not take place. Its biggest impact is being seen on the auto industry, because cars are used more. In the Shardiya Navratri, around 1000 people have booked for the new car, but only 600 of these people will be able to get the delivery. The reason is only semiconductor chip.

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According to experts, semiconductor chips are used in many electronic components including cars and other types of vehicles. The construction of the car cannot be complete without it. In many car companies, the infrastructure of cars is ready, but the cars are not being delivered. It takes 70 to 75 chips in a petrol car and up to 200 chips in a diesel car. Currently, car companies are producing more mid-range cars.

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Only those people who had booked vehicles before Navratri are getting the vehicles. The semiconductor chip is going to have a big impact on the business. After the festive season, the sale of cars can also be affected due to the chip in the season of Sahalag. There is a waiting period of four to six months on the cars.
– Harikant Samadhiya, President, Gwalior Automobile Dealers Association