Car Rammed Immersion Procession Crushing 7 After Speeding The Car One Died In Bhopal many injured

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Published by: Prashant Kumar Jha
Updated Sun, 17 Oct 2021 08:10 AM IST


A speeding car entered the procession by a madman. Due to which one youth died on the spot and 6 people were seriously injured. After the incident, people started a ruckus, on which the police also took a stick. This increased the tension further.

car trampled in bhopal

car trampled in bhopal
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Lakhimpur Kheri, Jashpur and now Bhopal. In the procession of Durga idol immersion in Bajaria area, a young man trampled on a speeding car. One youth was killed, while six were injured after being hit by a car. Two are in critical condition. During this there was chaos there. People rushed to nab the car driver, but he escaped. Angry people started rioting. On this, the police appealed to the people to make peace, but people continued to create a ruckus, on which the police lathi-charged. After this action of the police, the atmosphere became more heated.

Devotees were going for Durga immersion at 11:15 pm on Saturday night in station area Bajaria. In the meantime, a speeding car entered the procession from behind. After the stampede, the car quickly reversed and fled. After this the crowd present started a ruckus. On the other hand, the police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the crowd, due to which the devotees enraged them in front of the police station Bajaria.

The youth escaped after reversing the car

According to Bhopal DIG Irshad Wali, when the immersion procession was passing in front of platform number one of the station, a speeding car from Chandbad side trampled the people and entered the procession. Until people could understand something, the car driver reversed the car at high speed and fled from there. Some people have been injured during this.