Career guidance these 5 short term courses can give you the success in short time

New Delhi, Career Guidance: After 12th class, it is not possible for all the students to study degree in college or do expensive courses. Many students want that after 12th they make their career by doing some short term courses with low fees and start earning.

In this section of Career Guidance, today we are going to tell you about 5 such courses, whose fees are only between 25 to 50 thousand rupees, and after these courses, you can start earning well in almost a year. can.

1. Gym Instructor:
Since Kovid, people have become very aware about their fitness. People have started paying more attention to their health and body than before. You too can help people stay fit by becoming an instructor in the gym. This is a better career option. You can become a trainer instructor in any big gym in 6 to 8 months course and earn good money.

2. Yoga Instructor:
Already before Kovid, people have been advised to do yoga to stay healthy. But after Kovid, the awareness of yoga among people has increased even more. In such a situation, you can adopt yoga as your career. For this, you have to practice along with the course. You can also start your own yoga center after 12th by doing a short course in yoga. If you want, you can also do job in this field.

3. Interior Designing:
If you have hobbies like home and office decoration, designing and painting, then you can make a better career in this field. For this you can do certificate and diploma in interior designing after 12th class. After doing this course, you will have to do an internship of 6 months. After doing the course and internship, you will get a job easily and you will start earning well. You can also start your own side business.

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4. Computer Programming:
If you are from science background and have interest in making computer programming, website, software or app, then you can do certificate and diploma course in this field also. Short term courses in this field will be done in very low fees and after doing this you will get better job options. You can also start your own work in this field.

5. Animation and Multimedia:
Usually animation and multimedia courses are very expensive, but you can make a great career by taking certificate or diploma courses in this field from a professional institute. There are excellent job options available in this field, but for this you need to be creative. After taking experience in this field too, you can start your own work.

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