career options in ethical hacking: Career Options: To make a better career in the world of cyber, then ethical hacking is the best option – career and jobs in ethical hacking after 12th


  • IT security professionals are ethical hackers
  • Know how much qualification is necessary to make a career in ethical hacking
  • Here is the list of best courses in ethical hacking

Career Options In Ethical Hacking: In today’s digital era, the way people are becoming dependent on the internet, crime is also becoming digital now. In today’s time, news of hacking of passwords, sites or social media accounts of people keeps on coming every day. Not only this, many times bank fraud is also carried out with the help of internet. Through hacking, hackers take complete control of your computer or your account and thus they get full freedom to steal or destroy your data. To curb this cybercrime, now a huge amount of experts is being felt. This is what is called ethical hacking.

What is the work of ethical hacker
In a way, it is an IT security professional, it has all the abilities of a hacker, but he uses them to provide security to the computer and cyber world. The main job of an ethical hacker is to check the security of the company’s computer system, so that it can protect the company’s data from being hacked or stolen. Also, they detect those loopholes in the computer system, due to which other hackers carry out cybercrime. Apart from this, even if there is any kind of cyber crime, he helps in every possible way in catching the cyber criminal. That’s why they are also known as security analysts, penetration testers or white hackers. This is a challenging task, so it is expected to work round the clock when required.

essential skills
If you want to become a good ethical hacker then you must have many skills. To make a career in this, one should have in-depth knowledge of computer and internet. Along with this, you will also have to be aware of every update of the technology of this field. Apart from this, along with technical knowledge, your way of thinking should also be tremendous. Just as to catch a thief one has to think like a thief, in the same way in the world of cyber, an ethical hacker should think like a criminal. Only then he will be able to understand the cyber crime happening in the new era and be able to stop it. In this field, many times you have to work for long hours or you have to provide your services even if needed. So you must be prepared to work on a single call.
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Education course and qualification
If you also want to make a career in this, then after graduation you can do ethical hacking course. By the way, in some places this course is conducted even after 12th. To take admission in this field, you should have good knowledge of computer programming. In addition to this educational qualification, you must have the necessary knowledge about the programming language and the operating system used in the computer such as Windows or Linux.

in ethical hacking Course

  • Certificate Course in Cyber ​​Law
  • CCNA Certification
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Information Systems Security Profession
  • ssc cyber forensics and information security
  • PG Diploma in Digital and Cyber ​​Forensics
  • PG Diploma in Cyber ​​Law
  • Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking

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Career Scope
There is no dearth of work for ethical hackers in today’s time and their demand will continue to increase in the coming times. After the course, you can serve in the army, police, intelligence department, forensic department and other government departments. Nowadays, there is a separate cyber cell to deal with cybercrime, there is always a need for qualified ethical hackers. Apart from this, you get the opportunity to work in various multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises in large scale security administrators, network security specialists and forensic organizations. You can also get good income as a Cyber ​​Security Consultant.

After doing a course in this field, you can get a great salary package. After the course, initially you can take a salary of 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month in any private company. After this, as your experience increases, your income also reaches into millions.

from these institutionscan do course

  1. CERT
  2. Indian Institute of Ethical Hacking
  3. International Institute of Information Technology
  4. institute of information security
  5. Madras University
  6. Doek Calicut
  7. SRM University