Climate Crime: Brazil’s President Bolsonaro filed a complaint in the ‘International Criminal Court’, accused of a crime against humanity. Case registered against brazil president jair bolsonaro in international criminal court amazon forest humanity

Climate Crime: Brazil's President Bolsonaro filed a complaint in the 'International Criminal Court', accused of a crime against humanity

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro

Case Registered Against Jair Bolsonaro in ICC: President Jair Bolsonaro’s troubles have increased due to the cutting of trees at a record level in the Amazon forests of Brazil. Ever since he became the President, the cleanliness of the forests has increased. Which is having a direct impact on climate change. For this reason Bolsonaro has been accused of crimes against humanity. The organization working for climate change in Australia has filed a complaint against the President in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The organization accuses Bolsonaro of causing rapid damage to the Amazon due to his policies that encourage deforestation, land grabbing and illegal mining. The founder of the organization, Johannes Weismann, said in a statement, “Jair Bolsonaro is promoting the massive destruction of the Amazon.” No statement has been issued by Bolsonaro’s office in the matter (Deforestation of Amazon). He took over the post of President in the year 2019. The organization has told the court that it should be officially investigated whether Jair Bolsonaro’s policies are crimes against humanity.

Why is harvesting in the Amazon dangerous?

Statistics show that the amount of carbon emissions from deforestation in the Amazon is more than the annual total emissions of Italy or Spain. This releases so much carbon dioxide that the Amazon cannot absorb. A complaint against Jair Bolsonaro has also been filed in the ICC at a time when the Climate Summit COP26 is going to be held in Glasgow next month. Due to this, everyone’s attention in the world is on the environment at this time. Legal experts say that the ICC may take many years to decide whether the matter will be investigated or not.

death due to climate change

Marcio Estrini, executive secretary of the Brazilian Climate Observatory, expressed happiness over the filing of the complaint. He said that nothing much is likely to change from this complaint. But from the court of the country to the companies investing there, everyone can encourage action against the problem. “This is another brick in the wall of shame that Bolsonaro is building for Brazil,” he said. The organization has linked this complaint to the effects of climate change on the health of people and the deaths due to it (Climate Change Deaths). Human rights activist and international criminal lawyer Maud Sarliev said the complaint would serve the ICC to test whether it does anything about environmental deaths. Let us tell you that now it is up to the ICC whether it accepts the complaint or rejects it.

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