Coal India is supplying 279 rakes of coal per day to power companies as against 310 rakes

Jagran Correspondent, Dhanbad. Coal India is continuously increasing the supply of coal to overcome the power crisis. Racks are increasing continuously. By Wednesday morning, Coal India’s subsidiary BCCL had achieved the coal supply target. By the way, Coal India has set a target of supplying 310 rakes of coal to the power sector. Currently 279 rakes are being sent. This is 30 to 35 rakes more than the former. The supply figure has reached 90% of the target. About four thousand tonnes of coal is loaded in one rake. Most of the open mines of Coal India were flooded due to the Gulab cyclone. This affected production, although the coal reserves were substantial. Meanwhile, there was talk of shortage of coal in the power sector.

Strict instructions to ensure the supply of power companies

Coal India gave a message to all the subsidiaries that the power companies should not be allowed to be short of coal. The Railway Ministry also took cognizance. According to the demand of Coal India, instructions were given to give rakes. Coal companies have continuously increased the supply, even though Coal India still has reserves of 39.13 thousand tonnes of coal. Here, the work of extracting water from the mines has also been intensified. Production is expected to increase in the coming times.

Rack sent under target

  1. Company Rack Supply Targeted
  2. Eastern Coalfield Ltd. (ECL) 21 16
  3. Bharat Coking Coal Ltd (BCCL) 24 24
  4. Central Coalfield Ltd. (CCL) 46 40
  5. Northern Coalfield Ltd. (NCL) 35 33
  6. Western Coalfield Ltd. (WCL) 32 26
  7. South East Coalfield Ltd. (SECL) 50 47
  8. Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd. (MCL) 102 93

important facts

  • Coal India has set a production target of 19.20 lakh tonnes. At present 16.02 lakh tonnes of coal is being produced.
  • Coal India has set a target of dispatching 19.80 lakh coal. 18.82 lakh tonnes of coal is being dispatched.

Railways made special corridor

Railway is also working step in step with Coal India to save the country from power crisis. Railway has created a special corridor for uninterrupted supply of coal from coal companies to power companies. At present, passes are being given to coal laden goods trains on priority basis.

Edited By: mritunjay