coal india will refrain from any auction: coal india will refrain from any auction:


  • Coal India took necessary steps to deal with the coal crisis
  • There will be no e-auction of coal till the situation becomes normal
  • Special forward e-auction for power sector exempted from

New Delhi
Amid low reserves of coal in power generation plants, state-owned Coal India has asked its subsidiaries to conduct any type of e-auction of coal except special forward e-auction for the power sector till the situation returns to normal. told to refrain from doing so. Significantly, in view of the reports of power crisis, priority is being given to the power sector for supply of coal.

Coal India, in a letter to its subsidiaries, said, “In view of the current stock position in power plants, priority is being given to supply of coal to the power sector to replenish the depleting stock. Coal companies are advised to refrain from any e-auctions till the situation normalises except for special forward e-auctions for the power sector.

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What did Coal India say?
These subsidiaries include Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL), Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) and Central Coalfields Limited (CCL). The letter said that if any coal company wants to e-auction any other sector without affecting the coal to be sent to the power sector, then before planning any such auction, Coal India may be informed first with proper reason. . Coal India said that this is only a temporary priority in the interest of the nation and it is not intended to stop the e-auction format.