Conversion of religion ATS got the list of 33 girl name address mobile number preparations were made to convert to Islam

Mohammad Umar Gautam and Qazi Jehangir, arrested in the conversion case, have made another disclosure in the interrogation of ATS. According to this, the girls of rural areas are easy prey. There is no problem in brainwashing them. The ATS has got a list of 33 girls from the accused in which more than half are from rural areas.

After the disclosure of Richa alias Mahin Ali, a resident of Ghatampur village of Bihupur, the ATS has once again started scrutinizing the list of 33 girls and women recovered from Omar’s organization Islamic Dawa Center. According to ATS sources, after seeing the list, it was found that most of the girls are from rural areas. This includes women from other states including Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Guwahati. All of them have grown up here in the village countryside.

more than 12 meritorious
ATS sources reveal that 12 out of 33 girls are girls who have excelled in studies. These girls who have done MBA, BEd, BSc MSc have completed their studies with scholarship. After that their mind was washed and converted to religion. These young girls and women living in rural areas have been scorned many times as a suppressed class. The accused Umar Gautam and Jahangir took advantage of this, to wash their mind, they were told that they would get full rights and protection in Islam, due to which they accepted Islam by drifting in that sense.

The people of the village were shocked by the conversion of Richa.

Due to the conversion of Richa, daughter of rich farmer Shashi Sachan, resident of Ghatampur village of Bihupur village, not only the family members but also the villagers are in trouble. The change of religion of Richa, whose studies and getting a job at an early age was given the same discussion. The family members are upset due to their daughter’s actions and are avoiding speaking anything, but the market of discussions is hot in the village and people kept talking about Richa all day on Friday. The doors were locked in Richa’s house, located on a narrow street in the village. Even after calling, the family members did not come out for a long time, even when they came out, they refused to say anything. The family says that take Richa’s number and talk to her, what she did and why should not be asked to them. Richa is working in NABARD in Noida and had converted to Islam three years ago but the family came to know about it on June 19 when LIU officials reached her house and inquired about it from the family members. Villagers say that no one thought that Richa, who is meritorious in reading, could do this. People believe that there is a deep conspiracy which must be exposed.

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