Covid 19 India Update: There has been a decrease in the graph of corona in the country, 11 thousand cases in Kerala, many measures to keep the crowd less on festivals

New Delhi, Jnn. The cases of corona infection are gradually decreasing. Things are improving. The government is urging people to be extremely vigilant during the festive season and strictly follow the rules of prevention from Corona, so that the success achieved so far in the war against the epidemic does not go in vain. When it comes to infection, active cases have remained close to two lakhs, which is the lowest in seven months. New cases also remain below 20 thousand. At the same time, according to the data released on Wednesday evening in Kerala, there have been 11,079 new cases of corona. There have been 9,972 recoveries and 123 deaths. The number of active cases is 97,630.

According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Wednesday, in the last 24 hours, 15,823 new cases of corona virus were reported across the country and 226 people died due to this infection. In the last 24 hours, more than seven thousand active cases have come down. At present the active cases stand at 2,07,653 which is 0.61 percent of the total cases. During this, 15,823 new cases have been found and 226 more patients have lost their lives. The patient’s recovery rate is improving, the mortality rate has remained stable and the daily and weekly infection rate also remains below 2 percent. So far, a total of 96.43 crore doses of anti-corona vaccine have been administered. These include 69 crore first and 27 crore second doses. During the last 24 hours, 50.63 lakh doses were administered. In view of the festivals, different measures are being taken in different states to reduce the overcrowding.

Strict restrictions imposed in many states on Dussehra

– Ban on Ravan Dahan in Rajasthan

200 people allowed to play Garba

– The condition of one dose of vaccine is mandatory

Government issued strict instructions in Madhya Pradesh

– Permission to burn Ravana on the day of Dussehra

– Allowed 50% of the capacity of the field

Rules will be strict to observe Kullu Dussehra

Negative report of 24 hours ago has to be shown

Certificate of double dose of vaccine is mandatory

Follow the covid protocol in the festive season

People are being asked to follow three simple measures for prevention so that the cases of corona do not increase in the festive season. Do not leave the house without reason. At the same time, wear a mask while going out of the house. Follow physical distance. Take care of cleanliness. Also, get the vaccine. Apart from this, advise other people to follow the corona rules and get vaccinated.

Corona situation in the country

New cases in 24 hours – 15.823

Total Active Cases – 2,07,653

Vaccination in 24 hours – 50.63 lakh

Total Vaccination – 96.43 Crore

Corona status till 08:00 am on Wednesday

New cases- 15,823

Total cases- 3,40,01,743

Active Cases- 2,07,653

Deaths (in 24 hours) – 214

Total deaths – 4,51,189

Recovery rate – 98.06 percent

Mortality – 1.33 percent

Positivity rate – 1.19 percent

S.Positivity rate- 1.46 percent

Check (Tuesday)- 13,25,399

Total Checks- 58,63,63,442

How many vaccines in which state till 06:45 pm on Wednesday

Maharashtra – 6.40 lakh

Uttar Pradesh – 2.83 lakh

Gujarat – 2.38 lakh

Madhya Pradesh – 1.41 lakh

Haryana – 1.18 lakh

Delhi- 0.74 lakh

Rajasthan- 0.73 lakh

Punjab – 0.68 lakh

Jammu and Kashmir- 0.62 lakh

Chhattisgarh- 0.60 lakh

Bihar- 0.57 lakh

Himachal- 0.19 lakh

Uttarakhand- 0.18 lakh

Jharkhand- 0.16 lakh (Covin portal data).