Crime In Raipur After selling Gupchup secretly for two months raided in Raipur then 11 thieves crossed 80 lakh jewelery

Publish Date: | Sat, 16 Oct 2021 08:40 AM (IST)

Crime In Raipur: Raipur (Representative of New Zealand). Information is coming out layer by layer in the case of jewelery theft worth 80 lakhs at Navkar Jewelers in Gudhiyari police station area of ​​Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The theft was carried out by 11 thieves together. Two master minds who sold secretly in Raipur for two months, after that did complete planning of theft. Nine thieves had come from Jharkhand Sahebganj. Four were caught in this.

Four arrested in Bansjhor post of Jharkhand Police. But the information was given. When the Raipur Police investigated in a hi-tech manner, it was found that four accused were caught. When the matter reached the top officials of Jharkhand, four jawans including the outpost in-charge have been suspended. At the same time, many big questions have also arisen regarding the seizure of stolen goods. The outpost has shown the seizure of only 38 kg of silver. Police will also bring two other thieves caught in the production warrant.

  • Police got clues of nine of Jharkhand Sahebganj and two of them, 11 thieves together carried out the crime
  • Four suspended including Bansjhor outpost in-charge, theft incident on the night of October 2-3

It is noteworthy that two master minds who carried out the crime had come to Raipur two months ago. Walked around the city and did the first raki. Prepared a plan to steal a jewelery shop in Gudhiyari. After this contacted the thieves of Sahebganj. and committed theft. After the mastermind theft incident, half-and-half of the stolen gold jewelery was distributed. After this they left the train. While nine thieves who came from Jharkhand ran in the car.

Caught thieves gave important information

Raipur Police brought two accused from Jharkhand in the protection warrant. In one day’s remand, the police accused gave many important information to the police. In this, he told that there were nine people in a car during the escape. Out of which four were caught in Banjhor post. The five then fled. A total of 11 people had carried out the crime. Its main two master minds who made the whole plan and the accused reached Raipur three days before the theft.

Police will bring two other accused arrested to Raipur

The incident of theft has become quite entangled between the police of two states. Preparations are being made to bring the two accused involved in the theft to Raipur. According to the information received from the police, when the high officials were informed about the thieves caught in the Banjhor post. The outpost informed about the arrest of the two accused on the 6th. At the same time, when the team of Cyber ​​​​Cell of Raipur investigated with the help of special technology, information about two more accused was found to be caught there. After this, the Banjhor police informed about the arrest of two more accused on the 10th.

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