Crime In Raipur Police did not get cooperation from Jharkhand Police FIR had to be taken out of court

Publish Date: | Sun, 17 Oct 2021 01:07 PM (IST)

Crime In Raipur: Raipur (Naiduniya Representative). The case of theft in Gudhiyari’s Navkar Jewelers has been embroiled in controversies. Raipur Police did not get any cooperation from Jharkhand Police. The original copy of the FIR was not even given from the police station. He had to take a copy from the court. Even after the four accused were caught in the theft of gold and silver jewelery worth 80 lakhs, the Jharkhand Police did not give any information to the Raipur Police. At the same time, the dispute is happening over the confiscated goods.

Jharkhand Police has said that only 38 kg of silver has been seized. At the same time, the police brought two accused from Jharkhand in production warrant and sent them to jail. The arrest is in preparation to bring two other accused in production warrant. The team will leave here after the order from the court.

All the three accused arrested

According to the information received, after the theft on October 3, the nine accused left together in a four-wheeler. Two others got off the train. Raipur Police informed the police station of Sitavarti states. Around 12 noon, Bansjhor outpost stopped the vehicle during checking and arrested the four accused. While five other accused fled from the spot. Raipur Police was continuously searching for the accused.

But even after three days from the day of the incident, the Jharkhand Police did not give information about the accused arrested. Whereas in the FIR it has been written to steal from Raipur. When the police reached Raipur after technical investigation including CCTV on 6th date, they were informed about the arrest of two accused.

At the same time, when the complaint was made to the higher officials of Jharkhand Police, on the 10th, two more accused were informed about the theft. This brought the entire action under suspicion.

seven accused absconding

The master mind of the gang is still absconding. According to the police, the master mind is Sattar Khan. The two thieves who have been caught by the police are Salim Sheikh and Maqsood Sheikh of Sahebganj. He is the main leader of both the gangs. Salim bears the cost of the theft. After bringing these two accused under the warrant, Raipur Police will interrogate them. From which many important information is expected to be found.

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