crime in up: lucknow police ne bangladeshi arrest kiye jo avaidh tarike se west bengal border se india aaye: Bangladeshi coming to India illegally from border in West Bengal


  • Four Bangladeshis arrested after encounter in Lucknow
  • Shocking revelations made during interrogation, India came from Bengal crossing the border
  • They used to do Reiki by selecting houses in cities, then looting
  • Roam in the areas as garbage pickers and junkers, women also included in the gang

The dacoits Sheikh Rubel alias Rabiul, Alam alias Al-Amin and Rabiul, who were arrested after an encounter in Chinhat, Lucknow, gave many important information to the police during interrogation. During interrogation of dacoits, it came to light that people present in 24 Parganas, West Bengal are playing with the security of the country for just 5 to 10 thousand rupees.

According to JCP Crime Nilabja Choudhary, the dacoits told that the dacoits first cross a river for the Bangladesh-India border. After this, people present near the border in 24 Parganas, West Bengal take 5 to 10 thousand rupees. The accused told that some members of the gang were already present in India. On September 20, 4 members of the gang crossed the border and entered India.

The gang targets the houses around the railway track
According to ADCP Qasim Abdi, this gang of dacoits target only the houses near the railway line. The gang leader first does a search in a city and chooses a house. After this, the dacoits hide in the bushes or forest along the railway line. At night some of the gang members go and hide in the vacant plot or park near the house that has been demarcated. After this the house is raided at midnight.

The gang follows the railway track only because there is less police checking and patrolling. Not only this, the path also does not go astray. After the incident, the gang reaches the nearest station while walking on the railway line. Leave the city by sitting in any train present there.

Do not hesitate to even rape and kill during dacoity

During interrogation, the accused told that there are 8 to 9 members in the gang. Most of them do Reiki as a garbage picker and lifter. They enter inside by breaking or cutting the grills installed in the houses. Take the people present in the house hostage. On resisting, they beat him badly with sticks and iron rods. Not only this, they even rape the women and girls present in the house in some incident.

The accused told that during the robbery in a house in Anand Vihar, Delhi, when the elderly woman had protested, she was killed by attacking her on the head with a rod. The accused told that they did Reiki in Varanasi on 24 September. On 26 September, an elderly woman and a man present in a house were taken hostage and robbed.

The goods were robbed from thieves only

The accused told that after every dacoity, they send mill money and jewelery to Bangladesh in the hands of one of the accomplices, so that in case of being caught, money and goods are not recovered. The same gang had raided a house in Varanasi on the night of 4/5 October. There were no people in the house, but two thieves were already present there.

The dacoits had looted the stolen money and jewelery by beating the thieves. After this, on the night of 8 October, he entered the house of retired chief planner JP Srivastava in Viratkhand, Gomtinagar, to commit robbery. On hearing the police siren, they ran away from the house and hid near the Kathota lake. In the morning, seeing the movement of the common people, joined the same people and left from there.

Robbery has been committed in many states
The accused told that their gang had robbed a house near Kathouta lake on 6 September 2020. Apart from this, on 19 December 2020, an attempt was made to rob three houses. On 23 December 2020, near Sahara Hospital, a woman and her daughter were taken hostage and robbed. In July 2019, behind Katni railway station in Madhya Pradesh, eight people of the house were taken hostage and robbed. The accused told that their gang has also committed several robbery incidents in Nepal. In India, his gang targets Kerala, Bangalore, Bihar, Delhi and UP more.

names of absconding dacoits
The arrested accused told that the gang leader is Hamza, a resident of Khulna in Bangladesh. He is absconding. The names of other absconding accomplices are Aslam, Nasir alias Naseer, Shaheen, Bilal, Noor Islam, Shuman and Noor Khan, residents of Bangladesh. The police is on the lookout for the absconding dacoits. The arrested accused have admitted to committing robbery in Chinhat, Vibhutikhand, Gomtinagar and Mal. JCP Crime has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 and Deputy Commissioner of Police East, Rs 25,000 for the police team that caught the three dacoits.


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