Crime News Indore Mechanic arrested for physical abuse of girls with fake ID

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 09:46 AM (IST)

Indore, Naiduniya Representative Crime News Indore. Vijay Nagar police station has caught such a mechanic who used to physically exploit the girls by befriending them through fake IDs. The id of the accused has been found on the internet media in the name of Mihir and Parvez.

According to TI Tehzeeb Qazi, the accused Parvez, a resident of Srinagar, works to repair the AC. A case has been registered against him on Saturday evening. Two girls have recorded statements against him. He told the police that Parvez befriended Mihir on Instagram and shared the WhatsApp number. Accused Parvez hid his identity and started meeting him.

The girls came to know only a few days ago that he is a mechanic and his real name is Parvez. The girls also told that Parvez has trapped other girls in the same way. The police took him into custody late in the night. According to TI, at present a case has been registered against Parvez under section 354. The section will be increased by getting a statement made in the court of the girls.

Case for blackmailing photos viral

Gandhi Nagar police station has registered a case of blackmailing against Yash and Naushad on the complaint of a 20-year-old girl resident of Aonkar Marg. According to TI, the victim was friends with Yash. He made a nude video of the girl and sent it to Naushad. Naushad blackmailed the girl and demanded two lakh rupees from her. On Saturday, the police registered a case against Yash and Naushad.

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