Crime News Indore No incident took place even when walking in Mumbai while three chains worth seven lakhs were looted in Indore in a day

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 09:12 AM (IST)

Indore, Naiduniya Representative Crime News Indore. Police is searching for the miscreants who robbed a chain from a businessman who came to Indore for his brother-in-law’s engagement three days ago from Thane (Mumbai). Businessman Rohit Ramdas Puri told that in Mumbai, he travels on a bike daily wearing three to four chains, sometimes he has to come at night also. They also roam on foot, but there has never been a robbery incident. It happened only a day when he came to Indore and the miscreants snatched the chain.

The Vijayanagar police station has also registered a case in the matter on Saturday, but till now the police have not been able to catch the robbers either. Was told to come to the police station at nine in the morning, when I reached, the investigating officer said that let us call by phone. Called again in the evening and said that I am busy now, I call free. Brother-in-law is engaged. Have to go to Mumbai, but are stuck here due to police action.

On Saturday, Rohit went to Patnipura with his wife on a bike to collect puja items. While returning, two bike-borne miscreants came and robbed three gold chains. He told that there were chains of two to four and one three tola. Only one half piece was found, the rest were taken away by the miscreants. The chain was ringing and thick, so the bike riders had to struggle. The wife also caught the hand of a miscreant but he hit her elbow, due to which the bike slipped and the miscreant took away the chain with a jerk. The bike has fallen on the wife’s leg, causing a fracture in her leg. People raised and filed a case.

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