Crime News Indore The businessman was kidnapped and beaten all night reached home in an injured state in the morning

Publish Date: | Wed, 13 Oct 2021 02:09 PM (IST)

Indore, Naiduniya Representative Crime News Indore. In front of the city’s Raoji Bazar police station, a businessman was kidnapped by two people and kept hostage overnight. He was brutally thrashed throughout the night and locked in the house and ran away. The merchant regained consciousness in the morning and ran away. In the morning he filed a case report in the police station. It is alleged that there has been a fight in the transaction of money.

The incident happened around 10 pm on Tuesday night. The relatives were looking for 44-year-old Dheeraj Mukati, a resident of Alapura, for the whole night. In the morning he suddenly reached home and started crying. Blood was pouring from Mukati’s head. There were bruises on the hands, knees and hips. Mukati told the relatives that he was beaten up by Ajju Kala and Raju Kundu, who live in front of the police station. He was kept locked up in Kala’s house. He was unconscious all night. On regaining consciousness in the morning, he has reached home as soon as he is free. Relatives have got Dheeraj admitted to a private hospital.

Dheeraj had left the house after speaking of Shani temple darshan

The relatives had also lodged a missing report at Raoji Bazar police station late on Tuesday night. He told that at around eight o’clock in the night, Dheeraj had left the bike (MP 09 NM 7631) after speaking of darshan in Shani temple. Called after not returning home till late night but mobile was switched off. The relatives reached the police station at two o’clock in the night and lodged a missing person. According to the police, the matter is of transaction. Police is taking action against the accused by taking their statements.

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