Crime News Indore The robbers kicked the couple riding a bike the miscreants fled after robbing the chain as soon as they fell

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 01:47 PM (IST)

Indore, Naiduniya Representative Crime News Indore. Crime in the city is not taking its name to stop. The miscreants who are constantly challenging the police are carrying out the incidents of theft. Bike riders robbed three women on Friday night. Two women were also injured. The police was involved in the investigation of the matter that on Saturday afternoon, a couple was also robbed of chains. The couple was also injured in this incident in Banganga.

According to the police, the incident is from MR-4 (Lakshmibai station to Ganesh Dham road). The police have registered a case of chain theft on the complaint of Krishna Sisodia, a resident of Bhavani Nagar. Krishna told the police that he was coming from Gwaltoli to Bhavani Nagar with wife Sangeeta. As soon as it reached near the petrol pump, two miscreants came on the bike from behind and kicked Krishna’s bike and dropped it. Sangeeta and Krishna got hurt in their hands. Before he could recover, the miscreants snatched his chain and fled. However, the police here twisted the incident and said that the chain had broken and was taken away by the miscreants.

Robbery from three women on Friday night

Sapna Verma’s bike-riding miscreants looted the mangalsutra in Moti Tabela located in Ravji Bazar police station area. With the help of passers-by, Karan’s son Raisingh Baria and Sonu Kaurav were arrested.

On MR-10 located in Hiranagar police station area, the bike riders pushed Sushma Tiwari down and took the chain.

– The women of Lilabai stole the chain in the vegetable market in Kushwaha Nagar of Banganga.

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