Cryptocurrency Price Today On 14th October 2021 Bitcoin Ethereum Price In India Rise Cardano Dogecoin Price

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: PolkaDot sees tremendous growth, Bitcoin, Ethereum also boom

Cryptocurrency Prices in India : Good growth is seen in the crypto market today. (symbolic picture)

The cryptocurrency market has seen tremendous growth in the last 24 hours. Especially the eyes are on the tremendous jump in the prices of PolkaDot coin. A jump of 17.40 percent was seen in this coin at 11 am on Thursday. Its rate was running at Rs 3,270.85. During this time the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano have also seen a jump. There was a drop in the tether this morning. At 11.00 in the morning, bitcoin was at the level of Rs 45,14,973 with a jump of 2.8 percent. At the same time, a level of 2.42 percent was recorded in Ethereum at Rs 2,84,158 during this period. Cardano has gained 0.40 percent and Ripple has registered a jump of 0.94 percent.

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Let us tell you that there was a jump of 15.78 percent in PolkaDot till the last closing. At the same time, today it has jumped more than 18 percent from its opening level.

On Thursday morning at 10.30 on CoinSwitch, the prices of these crypto coins were going like this-


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