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New Delhi: There is a discussion going on all over the world about Israel vs Palestine war and history. People are also talking about the religious aspects of this fight. Actually, the fight is also taking place over some religious places, on which people of all three religions do Muslims, Jews and Christians. In such a situation it is very important to know what is Judaism after all? What is its connection between Muslim and Christian…

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Believe in monotheism, idol worship is a sin
Judaism is considered to be very old. The largest number of Judaism is present in Israel. This has also been the basis of its establishment. People of religion worship one God. The special thing is that like Muslim religion, idol worship is considered a sin here too. It is said that in 973 BC, the entry of Judaism took place in India as well. He had entered through the Malabar Coast of Kerala. Then their king used to be Suleiman. However, when Israel was established, most people moved there.

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The religious language of the Jews is Hebrew, also known as Hebrew. The main scripture is the Tanakh. It is written in Hebrew only. At the same time, when the Bible of Christians is included in this scripture, it is called the Old Testament. The Jews name their god as Jehovah. According to him, this name was narrated by the first prophet of the Jews, Hazrat Musa.

What is the connection between Islam and Christians
The connection of all these religions is, in fact, connected with their prophets. The origin of Judaism is considered to be from the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim), who came in 2000 BC. The name of Abraham’s ship was Hazrat Alai. Jacob was. Yabuk itself was called Israel. It is said that Jacob made a complete nation of Israel by joining 12 different races. Jacob had a son named Judah. His descendants were later called Jews. Actually, all three Jews, Muslims and Christians consider Hazrat Abraham as their grandfather. Even the prophets from Abraham to Moses are one. No prophet of the Jews has yet come after Moses.

what’s in jerusalem
Jerusalem is claimed by both Palestine and Israel. Actually, it is considered to be the holiest city. There used to be a Sulaimani temple of the Jews, now only the wall remains. Here, Moses taught religion to the Jews. At the same time, it is believed that the worshiper of Muslims, Hazrat Muhammad went to heaven from here. In addition, Jerusalem was the karmic land of Jesus Christ.