Cyber ​​Crime: Cyber ​​Fraud Online Shopping Without Any Password And Otp 62 People Cheated In Gopalganj Ann

Gopalganj Cyber ​​criminals have become active as soon as the festival comes after the Corona period. In Gopalganj, Bihar, around 62 people have become victims of cyber fraud within 12 days. He did not get a call, nor did he tell the password to anyone, even after this, millions of online purchases were done in installments from the account.

Actually, the trend of cheating cyber criminals has also changed. Earlier, on the pretext of Aadhar link, sometimes on the pretext of expiring ATM card, they were calling and taking information from common people. After that they used to siphon money from those accounts. At the same time, in recent days, cybercriminals are neither getting calls, nor asking for passwords, yet online purchases of lakhs are being made in installments from the account.

62 bank customers fell victim in 12 days

It is said that in the last 12 days, online purchases worth lakhs of rupees have been done from the accounts of other banks including SBI, Axis Bank, Bank of India, Central Bank, PNB without any call and information. There are about 62 such bank customers, from whose account online purchases have been made. In most cases of cybercrime, the police are also shying away from registering complaints.

Never share these things: Bank’s account number, ATM PIN, One Time Password (OTP), CVV number (three digits on the back of the ATM), Aadhaar number should never be given to anyone.

Case-A: 69 thousand 828 rupees were purchased from the credit card of Atul Shahi, brother of senior JDU leader cum district chief spokesperson Aditya Shankar Shahi. The victim has lodged an FIR in the city police station. According to Atul Shahi, purchases were made from Gurgaon with Axis Bank’s credit card without OTP and message.

case two: Daroga Singh, a resident of Pathara village in Manjha, took a credit card from SBI ADB. Online purchases were made by cyber criminals on September 7 last month in two installments of Rs 76 thousand and 25 thousand. A total of one lakh two thousand rupees were withdrawn. An FIR has been lodged in the city police station on Sunday.

Case-Three: Babita Devi, a resident of Bhathwa Parashuram village of Kuchaykot, is a customer of Bank of India. Online purchases of Rs 67 thousand were made from his account. When information was received about missing money from the account, he complained to the police station but the police did not register an FIR in the matter. The bank also did not take any action to recover the money.

In this case, Gopalganj SP Anand Kumar said that the cases related to cyber crime are under investigation. The network of cyber criminals is huge. Bank does not ask any confidential information from any customer. Common people also have to be aware to avoid cybercrime.

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