Cyber ​​Crime In Chhattisgarh Avoiding discussing with unknown people in internet media the game of blackmailing is going on

Cyber ​​Crime In Chhattisgarh: Raipur (Naiduniya Representative). Making friends with unknown people in the Internet media is constantly burdening the residents of the district. The accused talk sweetly by increasing friendship with the help of internet media and then extort by blackmailing them by making audio-video clips. Dozens of complaints have reached the district police officers in the last six months. Police officials have advised not to make friends with unknown people and not to open unknown links in the internet media to avoid such frauds. If any person blackmails, then instructions have been issued to go to the nearest police station and seek help.

Case-1 : Blackmailed BBA student

– A student of BBA resident of Maudapara police station area got a message saying hi in WhatsApp. When the student replied, the accused sent the link and asked to click. As soon as the student clicked, the accused made a WhatsApp audio call to him. When the student picked up the phone, the accused demanded money and if the money was not paid, asked to upload it in the pornographic website. When the student refused to pay the money, the accused made an obscene comment by putting a photo of the student’s relatives in the porn website and shared his screen shot with the student. The student has informed the police about this.

Case-2: Asked for money by recording obscene talk

A young man resident of the old township got a message in the name of friendship. When the young man clicked in the message, the cyber thugs asked for the WhatsApp number. When the young man gave the WhatsApp number, the message came in the name of the girl. After messaging, the girl asked the young man to make a video call and then started doing obscene acts. The cyber thugs recorded the video of the conversation with the youth and then started demanding money. When the young man did not give money, the thugs sent his obscene photo on Facebook to relatives. Fearing the accused, the young man deleted his Facebook account.

avoid like this

Expert View

Cyber ​​thugs keep searching people on the basis of the history of the people active in internet media doing their search in Google. Avoid using the gadgets of unknown people. Security should be maintained in all profiles and passwords should be changed from time to time. If any kind of incident happens, the police should be informed without fear, so that people can be saved from them by taking action against the accused. Mohit Sahu, Cyber ​​Expert

inform the police immediately

The gang of blackmailing people by making friends is increasingly active in the Internet media. People’s complaints are reaching the police station and cyber cell. Awareness is the only defense. Notify the police immediately if suspicious activities occur. – Girish Tiwari, Inspector, Cyber ​​Cell

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