Cyber ​​Crime In Indore SMS sending in the name of giving credit card online fraud in the name of clicking on the link

Publish Date: | Sun, 10 Oct 2021 03:13 PM (IST)

Indore, Naidunia Representative Cyber ​​Crime In Indore. In the name of giving credit cards, miscreants are cheating people online. First a message is sent and then you are asked to click on the link in the name of verification. By clicking on the link, the complete details reach the miscreants and they break into all the accounts linked to the mobile number. People are getting such calls every day.

First, people are told that they are being given a credit card, as soon as their information is verified, they will be sent a credit card. People fall prey to their words and lose their lifetime earnings in a jiffy.

A similar complaint has been made by Seema Dixit, a woman living in Vijay Nagar police station area. Seema told that she works in the bank. He got a call asking for a credit card. When Seema refused to take the credit card, calls started coming again and again. After this the person sitting on the phone told that they have sent a link, send the link back, when the woman refused to send the link back to the number of the thugs, the miscreants talked well at first, but later they abusively started doing.

After this, he has given a written application to Vijay Nagar police station and crime branch. Cyber ​​police said that the thugs first send the link and as soon as it is clicked, the information about the accounts is reached to the miscreants who cheated online and they withdraw money from it. The police has also given an explanation that if any person talks about giving credit card, loan or any gift on the phone, then do not come into his talk, so that online fraud can be avoided.

Posted By: Sameer Deshpande

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