Cyber ​​Crime | Lost 9.38 lakhs in the affair of 35 lakhs, pretended to get the claim


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Nagpur. Cyber ​​thugs trapped an old man in their trap in a very clever way. In the name of the first policy, 50 thousand rupees were taken from him and the phone was switched off. Later, in the name of getting a claim of Rs 35 lakh in the fraud with him, Rs 9.37 lakh was defrauded. Dhantoli police have registered a case on the complaint of Vilas Narayanrao Belgamwar (68), a resident of Nilgagan Apartment, Balraj Marg.

The accused included Gaikwad of Bajaj Finance Company, Riya Sharma of SEBI, Raju Singh, Ashok Agarwal, Addl. Raghuveer Singh, Dayashankar Verma and Rajesh Tripathi are included. On 9 September 2020, a woman called on Vilas’s mobile. Told him that a loan of Rs 10 lakh is being sanctioned to him by Bajaj Finance at zero interest rate. To take a loan, they have to first take out an insurance policy of Rs 10 lakh from the company. Vilas deposited Rs 50,000 in the account mentioned by the woman.

The phone got switched off when the woman’s number was called. The phone was switched off continuously, after some time Raju Singh called him and told that he is an officer of SEBI. He has come to know about being cheated by the company in the name of insurance policy. He pretended to get a claim of Rs 70 lakh by suing the company but he was going to keep the 50 percent commission himself.

Vilas believed him. The accused lavishly deposited the amount in the account in the name of various charges. After this, different accused kept on calling and kept depositing the luxury amount. Despite giving Rs 9.37 lakh, he did not get any amount. Finally complained of fraud to the police. Police have registered a case under various sections including IT Act and cheating.