Delhi Police busts luxury car theft gang 8 luxury cars recovered

car theft gang Delhi

Delhi Police caught ‘luxury car’ stealing gang&nbsp


  • This gang named ‘Sarkar’ had plagued Delhi Police
  • 8 stolen luxury vehicles were recovered from them
  • Gang leader involved in 110 car theft cases in Delhi NCR

The team of South East District of Delhi Police has busted the Sarkar gang and arrested its kingpin, this gang has stolen more than 100 vehicles inside Delhi in the last few years and has been targeted at this bank’s parking markets and service centers. But there were cars parked.

This gang used to steal the vehicles whose keys were handed over to the parking guards by the car owners, at that time the active gangsters were watching over the guards, when the guards kept the keys of the vehicles in the parking lot in their guard room. At that time, the members of this gang would steal the original keys of the vehicles and clean their hands on the car parked in the parking lot.

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Stealing the car from Delhi NCR and supplying the vehicles from different states of North East India to Manipur Imphal Assam This gang used to steal the car on demand and hide the vehicle in North-East states within just 48 hours from Delhi NCR. Out of the 8 vehicles that were recovered from them, the police have seized 6 vehicles from Imphal itself.

Sarkar gang leader had many names

The real name of the kingpin of the Sarkar gang who came under police custody is Neeraj Sharma, but sometimes he keeps his name as Rajkumar, sometimes Vinay, and sometimes Sarkar. Vinay used to keep his different names to dodge the police and whenever the police reached its bases before this, it used to be a darn affair from there.

How was the government caught?

The police got a secret information that Vinay Sharma is about to come to his house in Sarita Vihar, Delhi, the police set a trap to catch him, late in the night, when Vinay reached the Sarita Vihar area in a car, the police team stopped him. But he started absconding from there with the car, the police chased it and arrested it.

8 luxury cars recovered

The police arrested a car from the spot, while on the spot, another car was recovered by the police from another area of ​​Delhi. In the police investigation, the accused told that he has hidden most of the stolen vehicles from Delhi in the areas of North East India. Due to its arrest, 8 luxury taxes were recovered in the police and the police have succeeded in solving 10 cases. It is said that the accused used to deliver the stolen vehicle to the receiver within just 48 hours from Delhi. At present, there are two more active people in its gang, which are still out of the grip of the police.