Delhi police


  • Woman injured during incident at Khanpur T-point
  • In an attempt to rob the bag, the miscreants dragged the woman for 100 meters
  • Thak-thak gang targets female officer posted in Jammu and Kashmir

Special Correspondent, New Delhi
In South Delhi, a woman deputy labor commissioner posted in Jammu and Kashmir was robbed by the Thak-Thak gang in broad daylight. Women officers were also injured in this incident near Khanpur T-Point. His 15-year-old son was also in the car at the time of the incident. When the miscreants snatched the bag hanging on her shoulder, she collapsed due to the sudden attack. But the miscreants did not stop snatching his bag. Two miscreants riding scooters took them away even while dragging them for about 100 meters. The incident took place in Sangam Vihar police station area. So far the whereabouts of the robbers are not known.

In this matter, South Delhi’s DCP Benita Mary Jayakar told that this 47-year-old woman officer is posted as Deputy Labor Commissioner in the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. She lives in Vasant Kunj with her family. She told the police that she was on her way to Faridabad from her house in Vasant Kunj area. On the way, when his car was at Khanpur T-point, he was followed by the Thak-Thak gang. The first two boys said that their car was leaking fuel and asked to stop the car and check it.

Was asked to remove the bike… in a dispute over the parking, he was beaten to death with a nail stick
When he tried to check by stopping the car after going some distance, at the same time two miscreants who came on the scooter started trying to rob the bag hanging on his shoulder. The female officer fell in the tussle. The miscreants kept trying to escape from the scooter by grabbing the bag, due to which the woman was dragged for some distance. He got hurt in many places. The bag contained Rs 2000, his government ID card, ATM card and other things.

3 arrested of auto gang who robbed and robbed, looted bag also recovered
Earlier on the evening of 6 October, a woman named Mamta was made a victim by the Thak-Thak gang in the New Friends Colony police station area of ​​South-East Delhi. The miscreants fled from his car with his two bags. The bag contained more than Rs 2 lakh in cash, jewelery and other items. Even in this case, the miscreants have not been found yet.


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