Devotees were returning after seeing Kailadevi, pickup and car collided, 3 killed, 12 seriously injured

Dholpur. A loading pickup and a car collided on the Dholpur-Bari State Highway in Dholpur district of Rajasthan in the early hours of Tuesday. Three persons died in the accident. Around 12 people in the car and pickup were seriously injured in the accident. The deceased and the injured are members of the same family. All of them were returning after visiting Kailadevi, the Loktirth of Karauli. After the accident, the police reached the spot and admitted the injured to the district hospital of Dholpur. From here he has been referred to Agra.

The family of Khem Singh, a resident of Runkata of Sikandra police station area of ​​Agra district, was returning home early Tuesday after visiting the famous folk tirtha of Karauli, Kailadevi Maa. Then on the way near Khanpura village, his Eco car collided with a loading pickup jeep coming from the front. Both the vehicles got blown up in the accident. Three people in the car died. Among the dead are Khem Singh’s 22-year-old daughter Jamuna, 25-year-old Raghavendra alias Ranjit son Vidyaram resident of Nagla Achhnera district Agra and Sachin, a youth working as a cleaner.

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Among those injured in the accident are Prabhu (25), Kunal (02), Hansika (01), Pooja (23), Guddi (50), Bhagwan Singh (25), Seema (20), Baby (35), Kanha (01). ), Rishabh (06), Kuldeep (26) and Jamunadas (17) and Yogesh (28), the driver of the loading jeep. All the injured in the accident are residents of Runkata in Agra district. Are members and relatives of the same family. At the same time, Yogesh Tor, the driver of the loading jeep, is a resident of Pura Dholpur. Deepak Kumar, Sadar police station in-charge of Dholpur said that the loading jeep was going from Dholpur to Badi after loading bananas.