Direct collision between two speeding bikes in Gumla three people injured | Two speeding bikes collided head-on near Lanji village, three people injured; one in critical condition

Gumla9 minutes ago

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As soon as the collision took place, both the bikes got blown up.  - Dainik Bhaskar

As soon as the collision took place, both the bikes got blown up.

Three youths were seriously injured in a direct collision between two bikes in Gumla. It happened on Monday morning near Lanji village of Sadar police station area. Local people gathered at the spot after the accident. The villagers admitted the three injured to the Sadar Hospital for treatment. Due to the critical condition of one, the doctors referred him to RIMS in Ranchi for better treatment.

Among the injured are 35-year-old Nehru Lohra and 30-year-old Sohura Lohra, residents of Podha village under Sisai police station. At the same time, a third was identified as 25-year-old Satveer Singh, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Satveer works as a highway operator in a private construction in Gumla. All three are seriously injured. Seeing Nehru Lohra’s condition critical during treatment at Sadar Hospital, doctors referred him to Ranchi RIMS for better treatment.

Eyewitnesses to the incident say that two bikes collided head-on near Lanji village. They say that Nehru Lohra and Sohura Lohra were going on a bike from Sisai to Gumla. At the same time, Satveer was going towards Sisai on his bike. The villagers said that none of the three was wearing a helmet. Due to being at high speed, the bike got blown up as soon as the collision took place and all three fell unconscious there.

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